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What is Mommy Plays N Mycloset?

A breakfast conversation between daughter and father, a pattern maker in the fashion industry, a preschooler getting ready for kindergarten.

 Baile Dalanis Williams loved spending time in the atelier where he worked.

She draped her doll's dress while he draped on the mannequin, often sitting on his lap while he stitched on the machine.

She and her dad loved fashion one morning while having breakfast before school.  Let's start a children's fashion brand, and  Mommy Plays N MyCloser began.

Invision children playing dress up reimagined, fashion is the key to children developing their identity among peers, and is the foundation on which they build feelings of normalcy.

A product with no boundaries, from the school hallways to an outdoor adventure Mommy Plays N Mycloset is a reflection of who your children are, the leaders of the future.

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Nathaniel Williams II was born in Boston, MA 1979. I took a strong interest in art at an early age. After relocating to Virginia Beach, VA spending most of my time drawing. They even created a specialized program in school to allow me free time to draw. I was featured in the local paper and given awards for my artwork.

In high school, I developed a strong interest in fashion. I was friends with retailers and promoted their stores among friends. After graduation, I attended college at the Fashion Institution Of Technology in New York, in my final semester, I took a pattern-maker position in the fashion industry and continued for 17 years.

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